Payment policy

Payment policy of brand-name sanitary equipment Elimen of Germany. Hotline: 024 66 852 852.

  • Regulations on retail form:
    Direct payment by cash or bank transfer upon purchase.
  • Provisions for agents:
    The Company applies the debt (debt limit) to the Agent with the amount of: VND 10,000,000 within 20 days from the date the order is generated. If the Agent issues a letter of bank guarantee, the Company will apply the debt limit equal to the guaranteed value within 30 days from the date the order is generated.
  • Provisions for the sale of works and projects:
    The debt balance (of each customer) must not exceed 30% of the value of the goods delivered by both parties and it will be specified in the Contract.

Note: The agreed debt limit in the Contract is decided by the Company Director or the person authorized to sign the contract depending on the Company's sales policy in each period.


  • For further information please contact:

  • Showroom Elimen sanitary equipment

  • Address: Number 08 B1 - Shophouse 24h - Tố Hữu - Vạn Phúc - Hà Đông - Hà Nội.
  • Phone: 024.66.852.852 - Mobile: 0963.270.729.

  • Email: elimenvietnam@gmail.com.

  • Website: www.elimenvietnam.com.

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