Privacy Policy

Security of customer information or the protection of customer personal data is a very important issue. Below are details of the privacy policy of the German brand Elimen sanitary ware. We will use customer information for the right purpose and do not violate the rule of law in accordance with the law of Vietnam.

The purpose of collecting customer personal information is as follows:

  • Convenient for trading, transporting goods.
  • Dealing with complaints and customer support as quickly as possible.
  • Record feedback from customers.
  • Update customers information about products, services, promotions, events ...
  • Gratitude activities, honoring customers ...
  • Absolutely Elimen does not exchange or sell customer information to any other third party.

All sharing and use of customer information Elimen is committed to comply with these terms of service and privacy policy.

Once again We commit and affirm to make customers trust and satisfied when using and accessing our website www.elimenvietnam.com.

Sincerely thank!


  • For further information please contact:

  • Showroom Elimen sanitary equipment

  • Address: Number 08 B1 - Shophouse 24h - Tố Hữu - Vạn Phúc - Hà Đông - Hà Nội.
  • Phone: 024.66.852.852 - Mobile: 0963.270.729.

  • Email: elimenvietnam@gmail.com.

  • Website: www.elimenvietnam.com.

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