Terms of service

Terms of service of German brand Elimen sanitary ware.

  • Thank you for your interest, access and use of our website www.elimenvietnam.com. It is even better when you are a customer or a partner of Elimen.
  • All customer information is voluntarily provided, meaning you agree to the information and terms on our website.
  • All information on our site is subject to change, modification or omission at any time without notice, and immediately such information will be effective.
  • Elimen only uses customer information for completely legitimate things. Absolutely do not provide information to any other party without the consent of customers. Elimen is required to provide information in the following cases: at the request of competent organizations, agencies, governments, governments, must confirm that the job is lawful and not violate the law of the house. Vietnam.
  •  Some of the information customers Elimen may use on the website such as posting typical customers, partners, customer gratitude...
  • We are committed to providing information on the web to ensure accuracy, compliance with the laws and regulations of the country of Viet Nam.


  • For further information please contact:

  • Showroom Elimen sanitary equipment

  • Address: Number 08 B1 - Shophouse 24h - Tố Hữu - Vạn Phúc - Hà Đông - Hà Nội.
  • Phone: 024.66.852.852 - Mobile: 0963.270.729.

  • Email: elimenvietnam@gmail.com.

  • Website: www.elimenvietnam.com.

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