Warranty Policy

Warranty policy of German brand Elimen sanitary ware. Hotline 024 66 852 852.

- Warranty period from the date of delivery for goods in accordance with the type in the Contract.

- Warranty warranties: products with technical faults and manufacturer defects. The products must be installed, properly operated, stored in accordance with the supplier's regulations (do not use chemicals to clean the product).

+ 10-year warranty on porcelain parts: warranty in the case of enamel faults, manufacturer defects, errors related to the manufacturing process of products. No warranties due to customer factors such as impact impact ...

+ 02 year warranty for shower products, hot and cold taps and accessories.

+ 01 year warranty for the products: kitchen faucets, cold taps, toilet lid, bathtubs, all kinds of wire ...

+ 02 year warranty for accessories: water supply and drainage cables, water supply valves, siphons ...

- After-sales and after-sales policies: In case of product damage that needs warranty: customers need to notify the company by fax, mail, mail, or phone ... settlement tasks for customers no later than 72 hours (Except public holidays, holidays as prescribed by the state). In case of failure to resolve, the airline will give an official written reply detailing the cause and reason. The party will not be responsible for compensation if customers voluntarily maintain or repair without their consent (Within 72 hours according to the commitment, after 72 hours, the customer has the right to repair damage to the product and The carrier must bear all costs incurred during the warranty process).


  • For further information please contact:

  • Showroom Elimen sanitary equipment

  • Address: Number 08 B1 - Shophouse 24h - Tố Hữu - Vạn Phúc - Hà Đông - Hà Nội.
  • Phone: 024.66.852.852 - Mobile: 0963.270.729.

  • Email: elimenvietnam@gmail.com.

  • Website: www.elimenvietnam.com.

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